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4 ways to use a Doll House to improve communication skills

August 15th 2016

A doll house is a staple toy in a toy room. Below are 4 key areas that you can be mindful of at home when playing with the doll house.

Vocabulary in Literacy

August 15th 2016

When your child’s teacher or speech pathologist is talking about ‘vocabulary’ they are simply referring to the words that your child

Speech Sound Development

August 15th 2016

Do you have a child due to start Prep next year?  Are you concerned about their speech?  If so, you are not alone. An Australian study

Learning to Talk

August 15th 2016

Most bubs say their first words at around 12 months, usually the names of people or things they know well. After lots of one to one

PakMag….TalkNQ in Business

August 15th 2016

Meet: Julie Sexton and Jenna Mottin from TalkNQ Speech Pathology Tell us about your practice TalkNQ Speech Pathology is a private speech

Transition to Highschool

August 15th 2016

The transition from primary to secondary school is in the limelight with the change that Queensland schools will undergo in 2015 with both

Early Communication Skills

August 15th 2016

Ever wondered how babies learn to talk and when they should start talking? Children learn to speak by being spoken to. Through play,


August 15th 2016

It is becoming a common occurrence these days to see young children ‘interacting’ more with a screen and less with their family when

Top Tips for Building Words within the Home

August 15th 2016

Top Tips for building vocabulary at home Notice new words when you’re reading or listening. Talk about the importance of a