Our Story

Our Story

Julie and Jenna both grew up in the small, tight-knit community of Ayr, North Queensland.  Julie studied at the University of Queensland in Brisbane and graduated in 2001. Jenna studied at James Cook University in Townsville and graduated in 2010. In 2002 Julie moved to Ireland to pursue her love of travelling and worked as a speech pathologist.

She resided in Cork, Ireland after meeting her husband and then going on to have four beautiful children. Julie spent her time working for the health department and eventually started her own practice. However, in 2012 she felt home calling and she and her family moved back to sunny North Queensland, and began a practice known as Let’s Talk.

Meanwhile, Jenna had been working in Mount Isa and following her passion of supporting the educational and health needs of rural and remote Australians. She then relocated to Charters Towers and worked for the health department. At this time she worked on a project of trialling telehealth speech pathology services for families who were unable to access speech pathology services in their community due to distance.  Like Julie, Jenna found herself wanting to move back closer to her family and she moved back to Townsville.

It was in April, 2014 when Julie and Jenna met for a coffee to talk all things family and their love of their hometown of Ayr, when they realized they also shared similar values, beliefs and enormous passion for wanting to change the lives of children living with communication and swallowing difficulties. More to this, they felt strongly about wanting anyone living with these difficulties to have the opportunity to access high quality speech pathology services no matter the distance! After consuming several coffees, over several hours, Jenna and Julie had dreamed up an idea of expanding the Ayr clinic across several locations across North Queensland. And so, in July, 2014 TalkHQ Speech Pathology became a reality!

In 2018, TalkHQ received the NQ Chambers Business Champion Award for outstanding contribution to the regional community. In addition the business was a finalist in the Employees Choice, and Business Community award categories. This great year also saw TalkHQ become one of the 100 Faces of Small Business Queensland.

Julie and Jenna continue to work very much ‘hands on’ with a team of passionate and motivated speech pathologists to deliver what they set out to achieve – high quality, family centred speech pathology services across North Queensland with distance being no barrier!