Services for Children

Services for Children

At TalkHQ, we help children and their families improve in these areas:


This means how your child pronounces their words.


Language is broken down into two main parts:

Comprehension – is your child understanding what is said to them?

Speaking – is your child finding it hard to express themselves?

Reading and Writing Difficulties 

Some school aged children need further support with their reading and spelling – we are here to help!  This includes problems with reading comprehension.


At TalkHQ, we use the most up to date therapy techniques to help your child speak fluently.

Assistive Devices 

Sometimes children need assistance to help the talk.  We work closely with Lifetec to help your child use their assistive device to communicate and let their personalities shine through!


TalkHQ Speech Pathology take direct referrals from parents or guardians. Referrals can also be received from GPs, teachers and any health professional.