Lisa Parker

Support Services

What song do you sing aloud: This is Me (the Greatest Showman) whilst stamping to the beat around our dining table with my 2 boys before school
Favourite game in therapy: Anything with Nerf guns!
Why did you join the TalkHQ family: I’m in awe of the difference good speech therapy can do for childrens confidence and therefore their happiness. My boy’s stutter is gone! Thank you team!
Fun fact: Can I come back to this? I’m a mum of 2, I’m about to bake muffins and can’t think of anything but muffins…
Guilty pleasure: anything caramel
Crunchie or Cherry Ripe? Cherry ripe every time, thanks Mum for passing on the love for this amazing chocolate!
Pips or no pips? Always with the Pips, I just bought “Pulp free” OJ for my son today – like father, like son! I’m totally outvoted!
Ski or snowboard? My heart says snowboard but my body said ski, nothing but ski!