Learning to Talk

Most bubs say their first words at around 12 months, usually the names of people or things they know well. After lots of one to one interaction and practicing of sounds and mouth movements, your baby has learned to use the right sounds to tell you something. What an exciting milestone! It is typical for their speech not to be perfect at this stage. Overtime, their speech will become much more clearer and easier to understand. By the time that they utter their first words they already understand much more of the world around them.

Infact, your baby has been communicating with you from birth through the use of gestures, babbling and facial expressions to get their messages across. The best way to encourage the growth of your child’s language is to give him/her lots of opportunities to play with you, sing song, share stories and talk with you one on one. Listening is highly important too. Toddlers need to be given time to respond. With lots of interaction and modelling of communication you are setting your child up for a rich language environment at home.   


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