Foster your child’s communication & social skills in a fun & welcoming environment

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Help your child to achieve their maximum
communication potential

At TalkHQ, we’re passionate about the role that speech pathology can play in advancing your child’s language and communication development.

As qualified speech pathologists, we’ve been trained to assess, diagnose and treat communication difficulties through all stages of childhood development. Therapists use games, books and toys to help your child feel relaxed and at ease while utilising techniques that target the therapy goals which were highlighted during the assessment process. We encourage parents to be actively involved in therapy activities whenever possible so they know how to lead them during home practice.

The speech pathology process is primarily fun. Our aim as therapists is to keep your child so engaged and entertained that they don’t even realise they’re learning. We handpick our team based on their enthusiasm, passion and dedication while investing in their ongoing training and job satisfaction. This is our way of ensuring the highest quality care for your precious
little ones.

Speech pathology may be
right for your child if:

Communication challenges can
have a flow
on effect

When communication breaks down, you may notice other associated behaviours such as frustration, reduced confidence, withdrawal and socialisation difficulties.

The good news is speech pathology can help to reduce these co-existing behaviours as children gain confidence with their communication. Early intervention is so important to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

How long will my
need to be in

Many parents want to know how long therapy will take. This is a tricky question to answer because there are so many dependent factors.

Things like developmental stage, temperament, severity level, regularity of home practise and therapy goals will all influence the speech pathology process. We encourage parents to measure the effectiveness of sessions with ongoing progress rather than a specific timeframe for it to be completed within. As much as we would love to wave a magic wand and ‘fix’ your child’s challenges, that’s not how therapy works.

Addressing your child’s communication difficulties is a little bit like pitching a tent. When you’re doing it on your own, it’s slow, laboursome and sometimes the outcome is not achieved. However, if many people work together as a team, it’s more efficient and you end up with a better outcome. With speech pathology, every small intervention and bit of assistance helps. Which is why home practise is just as (if not more) important to the process than the sessions with your therapist.

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Is your child eligible for
NDIS funding?

We are an NDIS registered provider and can become part of your child’s support team to help them reach their goals.