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If you dream of owning a profitable business that gives you the time and freedom to live your life on your own terms, Speechie Business Talk is here to help.

We specialise in coaching speech pathologists so you can achieve your specific business goals. Our years of experience and proven systems can help you create the business of your dreams. We’ll show you how to save time, make money, and lead a team effectively. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Speechie Business Talk can help make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

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5 most common business problems

You’re working hard, but you don’t feel like you’re making progress. You’re constantly putting out fires and don’t have time to work on your business. It’s tough to feel like you’re not making progress when you’re working so hard. And it’s even harder when you don’t have time to focus on your business. Speechie Business Talk can help. We’ll show you how to organise your time, prioritise your tasks, and implement planning processes so you can make real progress in your business.

You’re great at what you do, but when it comes to managing a team, things get a little hairy. It’s hard enough to manage your own work-life balance, let alone trying to wrangle a team of people and keep them on track. Speechie Business Talk is the solution for you. We’ll help you create meeting rhythms, induct new members into your team in the right way, and teach you how to recruit the best talent so that your team stays happy and productive.

You’re a small business owner and you’re doing everything yourself. You’re great at your trade, but you don’t have time to systemise your business or document your systems. Not having systems in place can lead to inconsistency in outcomes, damage to your reputation, and even lost business. Speechie Business Talk offers a simple solution. We’ll show you how to systemise your business AND help you review them regularly. Our systems are easy to follow and will save you time and stress.

It can be tough to make the right decisions for your business when you don’t have a strong understanding of financials. It’s hard running a business, but it’s even harder when you’re flying blind. We offer expert advice and support, plus access to our specialised tools for speech pathology businesses. We’ll help you set team targets, make financial reports meaningful, and use the numbers to lower risk when making business decisions.

It’s hard enough to keep up with your caseload, let alone try to learn how to market your business. You don’t have time for that! With our help, you’ll be able to get your brand out there, and become the “go-to” speech pathology service in your area.

Our business coaching

Speechies & Numbers

It can be tough to know where to start when it comes to managing business finances. You’re not alone! A lot of speech pathology business owners feel overwhelmed when it comes to their knowing their numbers. Jules helps you make sense of your numbers in this 8 week course. In this virtual short course you’ll learn how to set realistic financial goals for your business, find savings, confidently pay your team and set their KPIs. Jules shares all the tools we’ve created and used in our speech pathology business so you’ll be a less stressed about finances. Join our waitlist here

Planning For Success

The Planning For Success workshop specifically for speech pathologists who are wanting to feel less stressed and more in control of their speech pathology business. We walk you through the crucial components of building a sustainable speech pathology business and share our customised business planning tools. You’ll learn how to implement these evidence-based resources from the experienced TalkHQ Directors who have been in your shoes and have successfully built thriving businesses. Join our waitlist here

Learn to Lead

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your leadership role, or you want to develop the skills of your internal leadership team this is the program for you.  Delivered weekly over 12 weeks, this high-level, structured, evidence-based program for leaders provides practical tools to improve their communication, confidence & competence to empower team members with authentic leadership.

1:1 Business Talk

You’ve probably heard that most businesses fail in the first seven years. That’s because most people try to do everything themselves, without any systems or support. Speechie Business Talk is here to help. There is a limited number of memberships 1:1 Business Talk available specifically for high-performing speech pathologists who want individual guidance & accountability to create more impact.

Not there yet? We also offer adhoc coaching sessions on a needs-only basis depending on availability.

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