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PakMag found out more about TalkHQ Speech Pathology. Here is the interview with speech pathology business owners, Julie Sexton and Jenna Mottin.

Tell us about your speech pathology business

TalkHQ Speech Pathology is a private speech pathology business that services clients across Queensland. With 8 clinics, we are sure to have a speech pathologist near you! Our team consists of experienced speech pathologists who are dedicated in helping children succeed. Moreover, we are a family-orientated business and we endeavour to build strong relationships with our families to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.   

What is something that people do not know about the speech pathologist’s role?

That we can work with children who are struggling academically. In fact, a lot of people assume we only work with people who stutter or can’t say their words correctly.  Sometimes children who are not succeeding in the classroom may have underlying language difficulties. This may present as difficulties with speaking or listening tasks or with their reading and their spelling. For instance, students may have difficulties understanding what the teacher is saying, not grasping the concepts they are learning about, have difficulties planning what to say or struggle putting words into sentences.  First, the speech pathologist conducts assessments and provides therapy. Then, we work with the speech pathologists employed by the school system and together we help develop classroom strategies for these students.

Similarly, many people don’t know that there is a condition called Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). This affects the student’s ability to understand and use language, making schoolwork really hard. In these cases, parents need to understand DLD and really advocate for their child at school.

What do you suggest a parent does if they have any concerns about their child’s communication or literacy development?

The most important thing a parent can do is to seek support from a speech pathologist early. Research shows that early intervention is best.

AND, it doesn’t have to be through a private practice. If your child is not attending school, you may be able to access services for free through the Queensland Health Service

With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, parents may be able to access funding to help cover speech pathology fees.


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