How to help your child to talk using a doll house

Below are 4 key areas that you can help your child to talk.

Parents want to know how they can help their child to talk while waiting for services. Here are some things you can do to help your child to learn to talk while playing with a dollhouse:
  • New words: Use the objects of the dollhouse to map words onto the objects. When the child picks up an object, name it.  As they place the object in the house, name it again. Then name the room. You can talk about what belongs and what doesn’t belong in each room of the house. Another game is to match the doll furniture with the real-life furniture.  You can have fun sitting the dolls on both. Be sure to name the objects as you do!  
  • Doing words (Verbs): You can make the dolls perform different actions such as: eat, drink, sit, stand, run, walk, sleep, sweep, clean, etc. Be sure to name the action as the doll moves. Verbs are a key part of building your child’s sentences.
  • Parts of objects: You can choose a room and pick an item in that room and talk about the parts of the item. For example, a table is found in the kitchen, it has four legs, people eat at it, it can be made of wood, it is hard.
  • Role play: A doll house is great to role play lots of different scenarios that occur within the house. You may like to use the dolls to role play bed time routines, conversations that you can have around the dinner table, house hold rules and many many more.

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