Applying for speech pathology jobs?

Applying for speech pathology jobs? Make your application stand out!

It’s recruitment time! Speech pathology students from La Trobe, UQ, ACU, Griffith and other universities across Australia are now busy applying for speech pathology jobs. They are also finding themselves competing with their fellow student colleagues for the same speech pathologist job.

So, they find themselves asking “How do I make my job application stand out?”

Here is my advice for you!

Personalise the cover letter

As an employer. I have seen plenty of resumes over the years and what really makes an application stand out is a great personalised cover letter.

Here are my top tips in a nutshell:

  • Address the letter specifically to the owners or Head of HR. Avoid “Dear Sir or Madam”.
  • Show that you have done some type of research of the organisation e.g. “After reviewing your values on your website and focus on teamwork, I was compelled to forward my resume.”
  • List your experiences with speech pathology practices such as volunteer shadow days, AHA paid work, volunteered resource making; volunteer/guest at PD days etc

Speech pathology student volunteering or paid opportunities

Your job application will stand out from the rest if you can demonstrate interactions with established speech pathology clinics. Many students are proactive in securing paid and volunteering positions at private speech pathology services. 

As an employer, this is very attractive as it shows the speech pathology student has initiative and a deep desire to put theory into practice.

When applying for speech pathology jobs, it is important that you list your volunteering or paid work. Ask the manager or director of the private practice if you can list them as a referee. These additions are truly eye-catching and will make your application stand out!

If you haven’t had experience at speech pathology clinics (beyond your clinical placements), contact us!  We can invite you to join our team group mentoring sessions, or even offer you experience at our holiday assessment clinics.

How to nail that interview

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