Help your child read by AVOIDING these mistakes

Mistake 1: Get them to look at the picture to help them read the words

Being told to “Look at the picture and guess the word” does NOT help your child to read (that is, decode the words).

Think about it, what will happen once the child progresses to books that don’t have pictures?

This is why children need to learn how to crack the code of reading. There is so much research that supports Systematic Synthetic Phonics – basically a fancy way of saying learning how letters represent sounds in a systematic way that builds in a step by step way.

This is how you can help your child read! They use the sounds they know to attack unknown words.

Mistake 2: Insist they don’t sound out their words

Often, kids NEED to sound out words until they have them practiced enough they recognise them by sight. Don’t stop them – encourage it! This is the true meaning of sight words. Kids know the word instantaneously when they see it.  This is why its OK for kids to sound out their words when they need to and they shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing so.

Mistake 3: Stop them using their finger to track the words they are reading

Some kids need to use their fingers to help them track the words they are reading so they don’t skip words or lines in the book. As adults, this is a “tool” they encourage to build up speed reading! Why should we shame our children if they need that assistance at their stage of reading?

Let’s build up their skills systematically so they can feel successful for progressing at THEIR skill level.

We want kids to LOVE reading which means making them feel success!

This is why we have created Prep Easy – to help foster a love of reading by targeting phonics and phonological awareness in a fun way. We also help build their oral language skills and vocabulary – all necessary to become a competent reader!

To find out more about our Prep Easy groups, get in touch with us today.

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