How much does speech pathology cost?

Many parents want to know how much does speech pathology cost? Private speech pathology is an investment in time and money. Be fully informed of all the costs before committing to therapy. 

What is covered in the consultation fee

Speech pathology is a science. Firstly, speech pathologists spend time researching different therapy approaches for each child they see. They want to use the most evidence-based treatment for your child. In addition, they  research fun and motivating ways to help keep your child engaged. They will always record progress throughout your child’s treatment.  This is how the speech pathologist checks the effectiveness of the therapy. The consultation fee, therefore, includes the above-mentioned steps for each of your child’s therapy sessions.


Can siblings attend one appointment and share speech pathology costs?  It may seem more affordable but it is not always cost-effective. This is because siblings typically have different therapy goals. Even when siblings share the same diagnosis! Unfortunately, you can end up spending more money because your children are in therapy for longer.

Ask about these costs

Parents need to understand all the costs involved before engaging with a service. Sometimes, there are extra costs associated with the therapy sessions. For example, are there cancellation fees? Are there extra travel costs involved for home or school visits? Are there separate fees for making therapy materials?

Some speech pathologists charge separately for indirect tasks. Others absorb this into their session fees. Indirect tasks include:

– sending emails to the teacher

– planning for the next session

– phone calls to the Paediatrician 

– researching other ways to improve therapy


There are a number of sources of funding to help parents with speech pathology costs.

The National Disability Insurance Agency helps to cover the cost of speech pathology sessions.

For more information about funding, check out this blog.

If you are concerned about your child’s communication please click here for more information on how to get in touch.

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