Allied Health Assistants in Speech Pathology

TalkHQ and Allied Health Assistants

TalkHQ Speech Pathology is excited to announce our allied health assistant speech pathology therapy sessions. This is another TalkHQ waiting list initiative. We want to help children who are waiting for speech pathology.

This blog outlines what is an allied health assistant in speech pathology. Also, we address many frequently asked questions about this service.

Is an allied health assistant the same as a speech pathologist?

No- A speech pathologist has completed their tertiary education at a university level. An allied health assistant speech pathology course is a Certificate level qualification. Some allied health assistants are speech pathology students who have not yet completed their degrees.

What is an allied health assistant (AHA)?

An allied health assistant is an assistant to the speech pathologist. The speech pathologist writes and reviews the therapy program. The allied health assistant delivers the speech pathology program.

This is similar to the teacher aide in a classroom.

They should not be utilised as replacements for speech pathologists. A fully-qualified speech pathologist must supervise and mentor the AHA. The allied health assistant can deliver programs for speech pathology.

Why would I choose to have allied health assistant therapy sessions?

This is another way that TalkHQ is helping clients access quality care.

Sometimes, AHA therapy sessions are a more affordable option for families.

As these therapy appointments are only offered in blocks of 12, it can mean that your child can be seen sooner this way.

Another reason may be that parents decide to attend AHA therapy sessions to supplement the therapy sessions they are already receiving from the speech pathologist. For example, the child may see the speech pathologist on a Monday and then follow-up sessions with the AHA on Wednesday and Friday. However, a speech pathologist must approve this dosage. This is to ensure that this service delivery is not a misuse of funds.

How much do AHA sessions cost?

Please contact our friendly support services team to find out more however an AHA sessions cost is significantly less than a speech pathologist. Currently, private health insurance companies do not cover AHA sessions.

Does the child see the AHA and supervising speech pathologist at the same time?

At TalkHQ, most AHA therapy sessions are conducted by the AHA. Supervision with the speech pathologist occurs in a separate time slot and clients are not charged directly for this.

On occasions, the speech pathologist may require a joint session with the AHA.

Sessions that involve the Speech Pathologist and AHA together are charged at a higher rate.

Are AHA sessions eligible for Medicare rebates?

No- AHAs are not fully qualified clinicians. Therefore, Medicare rebates are not available for these sessions.

Does NDIS fund AHA therapy sessions?

Yes. NDIS does fund AHA therapy sessions. These sessions are AHA Level 2 for typically 60 minutes sessions as per the NDIS guide.

Sometimes, the speech pathologist and AHA conduct therapy together. These joint sessions cost:

The speech pathology rate plus AHA Level 1 rate as per the NDIS guide.

Can you claim allied health assistant therapy on your private health insurance like speech pathology?

No- AHAs cannot see clients for speech pathology unless they are under the supervision and direction of a fully-qualified speech pathologist.

Are AHA therapy sessions always in person?

Our AHA therapy sessions can be in person or Talk Online (that is, telehealth).

How do I book in with a TalkHQ AHA?

Your child would need to have a speech and language assessment first prior to commencing therapy.

To book in, contact us here or call our office at (07) 47550225.

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