Booster Blocks for Ingham’s Waitlist

New Service Delivery for Ingham’s Waitlist

TalkHQ Speech Pathology is excited to roll out our innovation to help Ingham’s waitlist. Our Ingham community has been greatly impacted by lengthy waitlists for health services. Unfortunately, new workforce data confirms that recruitment of speech pathologists in North Queensland’s rural areas continues to be challenging.  At TalkHQ Speech Pathology, we understand the frustration and concern that can arise from extended waiting lists. As you know, early intervention is so important. For these reasons, we constantly explore innovative solutions to try to address this challenge. We want to do our best to help your child receive the timely care and support they deserve. 

What is a Booster Block?

The Booster Block is a waitlist innovation for TalkHQ Ingham. It is intended to support children who would otherwise remain waiting for speech pathology services. Research shows there is an urgency for early intervention. So, we’ve designed this approach to offer an impactful 10-week therapy Booster Block. Therapy during the Boost Block will focus on key areas of difficulty that were identified during the assessment process. Our experienced speech pathologist is committed to also building the skills of the families during the Booster Block. Therefore, when the child completes their 10 weeks, the families can continue to foster the child’s communication growth.

Does that mean my child is no longer on Ingham’s waitlist? 

Not yet. Your child will continue to be on Ingham’s waitlist for future speech pathology intervention. A Booster Block will allow your child to access 10 weeks of support while they wait.  laying the groundwork for continued success when formal therapy becomes available.

The Booster Block is an innovative solution to ensure that families receive some essential support while waiting.  We believe in the power of proactive care. TalkHQ’s Booster Block reflects our ongoing commitment to innovate to help provide quality care when faced with staffing shortages.

Can my child access more than one Booster Block?

Yes. Additional Booster Blocks may be offered in the future as we work to provide continued support during this waiting period. Our commitment to providing timely support means that children at the top of our Ingham waitlist will be prioritised for the Booster Block initiative first. We will systematically work our way down the list, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to access this valuable program. Once all children on the waitlist have been offered services, we will circle back to the top of the list, offering the possibility of an additional booster block to those who may benefit.

How do I get booked in for a Booster Block?

TalkHQ’s Support Services Team will be in touch when it is your child’s turn to be offered a Booster Block.

Before your child’s Booster Block, they need a speech pathology assessment.  TalkHQ’s comprehensive assessment protocol ensures the speech pathologist can develop a tailored and effective intervention plan. The speech pathologist then analyses the data and creates intervention goals with the family that will support your child’s unique communication needs. Following the assessment process, your child will commence their 10-week Booster Block. Of course, you will be given an assessment report outlining the assessment findings.

Importantly, your place on the Ingham waiting list is not affected if you choose not to avail of the Booster Block initiative.


Written by Nicole Marsh and Julie Sexton, Senior Speech Pathologists at TalkHQ.


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