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What is Speech Pathology?

What is


Previously known as 'Speech Therapy'... Speech pathology is everything communication! From talking and listening, to pointing, signing, writing and even using a device to communicate. Often we don't realise the value of communication until there is a breakdown.

Not being able to communicate affects a child's ability to:

  • make and keep friends
  • let their personality shine
  • get their needs and wants met
  • politely say 'hello' and 'goodbye'
  • talk about things that are interesting to them
  • tell people what they did that day
  • let carers know if they are sick or hurt
  • share their thoughts and feelings
  • meet the demands of school

At TalkHQ Speech Pathology we identify where the communication breakdown is occuring and work with families and schools to put a therapy plan in place to help close the gap.

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Why TalkHQ?

Why choose


At TalkHQ, we are driven by our purpose: 'Changing lives by unlocking the communication potential'.

Hands down without a doubt our speech pathologists bring the fun and energy into every session.

With 6 clinics across North Queensland we bring the services to you!

We have a large team of experienced therapists with many different special interest areas - we've got your child covered.

We have a strong community focus and provide free parent talks to empower parents to make their home a "Talking Head Quarters" (... see what we did there).

You will have to check out our clinics to see the little things that we do that create a unique experience.

Our team culture is next level. Check out the video below... say no more!


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