Speech Pathologists in Brisbane

Are you looking for a qualified, experienced speech pathologist in Brisbane to help your child improve their communication skills? Look no further! Our TalkHQ speech pathologists are passionate about helping children reach their full potential by unlocking the power of language. TalkHQ was established in 2012 and is excited to help Brisbane families needing speech pathology with the opening of our Keperra clinic.

We’re here to provide your family with compassionate care and evidence-based advice tailored to your child’s needs. The blog below explains more about what we do and how we can help you and your child.

1. What a paediatric speech pathologist does

A paediatric speech pathologist is an allied health professional who focuses on helping children develop communication skills. At TalkHQ, we provide an array of services for families with infants, children and teenagers who are presenting with communication difficulties. Examples of spoken and written communication difficulties that we can help with include: speech sound disorders, language disorders, stuttering, dyslexia and other literacy difficulties, social skills and social communication, late talkers, and more. These types of communication conditions can occur in isolation or as part of another neurodiverse condition. For example, communication disorders can co-occur in conditions such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), or developmental language disorder (DLD). Speech pathologists work closely with families, other health professionals, teachers and daycare staff to help enhance your child’s communication skills across all settings.

2. Speech Pathology Services In Brisbane

TalkHQ Speech Pathology in Brisbane provides different service options for our families. We offer individual or group therapy sessions in our North Brisbane-based clinic. Our team also offers Talk Online telehealth sessions for families who need a more convenient way to access speech pathology support. Also, during the school holidays, we offer intensive therapy blocks and our Assessment Only Clinic for families who are strapped for time during the school term. Finally, our Bootcamp Talk Blocks are a great option for capacity building. Bootcamp Talk Blocks allows families to focus on upskilling in communication skills and strategies for 12 weeks at a time. So choose one (or more!) of these services – and join us at TalkHQ for a journey towards improved communication!

3. Funding options for Speech Pathology in Brisbane

Parents often want to know the different funding options available for accessing speech pathology services. If you have a child with a communication disorder, they may qualify for NDIS-funded speech therapy. TalkHQ is a registered NDIS provider. This means our speech pathologists can help NDIA-Managed, Plan-Managed, and Self-Managed funded children. There are different requirements for NDIS funding for children younger than six compared to older children. It is best to contact the NDIS directly to determine your child’s eligibility.

In addition, your child may be eligible for Medicare rebates through the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP). This plan is available when the funding of at least two specialist health professionals is required. These services require a GP referral and treatment management plan to qualify for the rebate. Also, it’s worth noting that only five allied health services per calendar year can be provided per patient. Additionally, Indigenous children aged 0-18 years old may also qualify for rebates based on their Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Again, a GP referral is required to access this type of Medicare rebate. Finally, TalkHQ healthcare providers are registered with all major health funds who can provide rebates for speech pathology. For more information about speech pathology fees, read our blog.

4. Your first appointment with a TalkHQ speech pathologist in Brisbane

Assessments in paediatric speech pathology are an essential first step on the road to helping your child’s communication development. Our assessments help us identify your child’s skills and difficulties and compare them to other children of the same age. Moreover, the assessment process determines the most effective goals for their therapy sessions. Parents and guardians play an essential role in the assessment process. They provide extra information about how the child communicates and engages with others in various environments and around different people. Here at TalkHQ, our paediatric speech pathologists typically use a two-session approach to ensure that each assessment is accurate and up-to-date with NDIS requirements. After this, we will discuss the results with you in our feedback session. With no waiting list, it means you can quickly start helping your child reach their communication potential.

5. Is there a waiting list for speech pathology in Brisbane?

Our TalkHQ paediatric speech pathology clinic in Brisbane is taking on new clients with NO WAITING LIST! If your child is having difficulties with their communication, you now have a speech pathologist nearby. Our qualified and caring team of health professionals can provide the assessment, therapy and support that your child needs. We are NDIS and provide the high-quality services you need to help your child. Don’t wait – contact us today to book an appointment!


Written by Julie Sexton, Senior Speech Pathologist and CEO of TalkHQ

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