Speech pathology job interview? Here’s how to nail it!

You have studied for your Bachelor of Speech Pathology or your Masters of Speech Pathology and now its time to nail your speech pathology job interview! Don’t leave it to chance. Use these best preparation tips for your speech pathology job interview. These tips will help you stand out from your colleagues and secure your […]

How long does it take to fix my child’s speech?

Parents often ask, how long does it take to fix my child’s speech? Truth is, there is no easy answer. This is because the dosage and frequency of therapy can differ depending on your child’s speech condition. Therapy Dosage When thinking about dosage, we often think of antibiotics. For example, when the doctor says, “Take […]

Why speech pathology businesses use recruitment agencies

ifWhy do speech pathology businesses use recruitment agencies? Are they hiding something? Speech pathology students recently asked me these two questions and were genuinely concerned.  They were applying for online speech pathologist jobs. However, they became suspicious when the recruitment agency would not reveal the speech pathology business they were representing. Recruitment agencies are not […]

Applying for speech pathology jobs?

Applying for speech pathology jobs? Make your application stand out! It’s recruitment time! Speech pathology students from La Trobe, UQ, ACU, Griffith and other universities across Australia are now busy applying for speech pathology jobs. They are also finding themselves competing with their fellow student colleagues for the same speech pathologist job. So, they find […]

How to help your child to talk using a doll house

Below are 4 key areas that you can help your child to talk. Let’s face it. There is a national shortage of speech pathologists. This means waiting lists for services are often more than 6 months. Parents want to know how they can help their child to talk while waiting for services. Here are some […]

Vocabulary in literacy

When your child’s teacher or speech pathologist is talking about ‘vocabulary’ they are simply referring to the words that your child knows or uses. It is interesting to know that vocabulary growth is closely linked to a child’s overall school achievement. The size of your child’s vocabulary in kindergarten is a strong predictor of their […]

Speech sound development

Do you have a child due to start Prep next year?  Are you concerned about their speech?  If so, you are not alone. An Australian study showed that 25% of parents of kindergarten-aged children reported that they were concerned about their own child’s speech development.  Despite this, 60% of these parents reported that they would […]

Learning to Talk

Most bubs say their first words at around 12 months, usually the names of people or things they know well. After lots of one to one interaction and practicing of sounds and mouth movements, your baby has learned to use the right sounds to tell you something. What an exciting milestone! It is typical for […]

Speech Pathology Business – TalkHQ in PakMag

PakMag found out more about TalkHQ Speech Pathology. Here is the interview with speech pathology business owners, Julie Sexton and Jenna Mottin. Tell us about your speech pathology business TalkHQ Speech Pathology is a private speech pathology practice that services clients across Queensland. With 8 clinics, we are sure to have a speech pathologist near […]

Transition to Highschool

The transition from primary to secondary school is in the limelight with the change that Queensland schools will undergo in 2015 with both Year 6 and 7 students commencing high school.  A large percentage of students move into their new schools and thrive on the challenges that secondary school offers, such as a range of […]